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KGM EUROPE (KGMEU) is located in Hungary, Budapest. It is a sister company to both KGM Engineering and KGM Africa. Offering all the same structural engineering services as the main company KGM Engineering.

All of registered KGM's have a special concentration based on their geographical locations

  • KGM Engineering: Canadian Concentration but not limited to Bridge Engineering
  • KGM Europe: Europe Concentration but not limited to Tower Engineering
  • KGM Africa: African Concentration but not limited to Geostructural Engineering

KGMEU's main concentration in Europe is specific to providing tower engineering support for various clients worldwide. Providing the structural expertise and drafting services for all types of design and construction projects. The company does not only bring a structural engineering expertise, but also the same 20 years of construction engineering experience. Understanding the field of construction with engineering is what links the innovative side of design with the most cost-effective solution.

KGMEU completed a major tower design support for IKEA located in Dubai. This tower is currently Ikea tallest advertisement tower in world. Standing 70-meter-tall from the ground.

KGMEU is more than just a company providing services worldwide, it is the core of the expert engineering support for all engineering required for both KGM Engineering and KGM Africa. With continuing improved technology, it has become much easier to connect expertise worldwide and join forceswith other companies to provide endless innovating solutions. We continue to expand our team and believe in diversity is strength.


KGMEU is home to our Expert A-Team designers, they represent our main support system for all other KGM Companies. This team is exceptional and always finds a design solution to any obstacles. We are proud of our design team.


  • To provide clients across Europe with quality, innovative and efficient structural engineering services for all Construction Industries.
  • To work safely, maintain the highest quality of workmanship, and continuously improve and develop our people to serve and adhere to our core values.
  • To give back and support community development.


Trust, Professionalism, Innovation, Excellence, Respect and Integrity

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